About me


For over a decade, Pelagan S. made a name for himself, as illustrator, graphic/visual artist. He continues his journey as a believer and lover of both ancient schema and modern art, patterns and forms which inspire him to make his new creations:

“Different symbols or magical moments manifest themselves to me at different times—

love and wealth, good and evil or beauty and power. Like magnet which both attracts and repels, they draw me in to make further connections. As an artist, I continue to explore how I or those within my surrounding react to patterns, colors and stories behind these symbols. I believe, that the energy or power such symbols transport can move and shift the position in which one aligns one’s life at any given moment.”

I can’t take eyes—or my other senses—from absorbing in these forms, lines and the meaning and feelings conjured with them. I rarely find use in traditional ideals or ceremonial aspects of these symbols;  however, I would rather prefer to extract their magical essences, and come up with my own version of symbols.

All images © Pelagan S.